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Clean Energy Solutions

Wind – Wave – Solar – Electric Vehicles

Wind Energy

Installation and Commissioning of Small Wind Turbines for Domestic Rooftop and Telecom Applications. As an Innovation Driven Company, we hold 2 International Patents Pertaining to Integrated Axis Wind Turbine and Portable Wind Energy Generator. We are also into Offshore Wind Energy Market.

Wind Farms
Hybrid Systems
Hydrogen Production
Water from thin air

Wave Energy

A First of its kind in India. a Portable Wave Energy Generator (Alay) is developed in our R&D Labs and made into a commercially viable product. The prototype is being used in ships for food preservation and lighting.

Large Scale

Solar Energy

Experience the International Standard Installation of Solar Power Plant.
On - Grid
Off - Grid Off - Shore

Bio -Energy

A to Z Bio-energy EPC Projects

Electric Vehicles
Electo Lyne Fleet

Sustainable Transportation
Charging Stations Setup & Training
Battery Swapping
Electric Vehicles Leasing


With proven scientific methods, recreation of forests with the desired bio - diversity level.
Micro and Macro Forests.

Rooftop, Telecom

Wind - Solar Hybrid Systems

In Collaboration with Revayu Energy Systems Private Limited, we provide uninterrupted green power solutions to telecom towers, rooftop etc.

Electro Lyne Fleet

A Product of CLIP Energy

Manufacturing Electric Vehicles

Sustainable Transportation Network

Let’s Join Together to Create Green Earth

Transforming Indian Energy through Research, Development, Commercialization and Deployment of Renewable Energy.


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